Wednesday, May 13

what's up

what's up at the brower household? i'm glad you asked! last week we enjoyed the arrival of some goodies from alli's sweet new sister-in-law dani, and her husband dave. i was of course ecstatic about the TrUfFlEs that were sent, but jack was THRILLED with a package of smoked salmon!!! man, that boy is obsessed!
we have welcomed with open arms a new pet named "pool". yes, "pool". jack went to his friend jenna's birthday party last weekend and was given an egg. so we put the egg in warm water and within a couple days, pool was born! what an awesome party favor...i'll log that idea away ;)

we also were able to play with aunt rikki and three of her work friends!!!! before alli's wedding, rikki & co had planned a trip here for a few days and so we have been able to play with her two months in a row!!!!!! unfortunately i didnt get any pictures but our days consisted of playing in the pool, pillow fights, chocolate cake, and rubber frogs! we already miss natalie, marissa, lisa, and rik :(

everett got a new toy! and lucky for us, he wanted to share! aren't cousins the butt... ooops i mean BEST! thanks ev man!!

a typical day here goes something like this (ok, so this was how yesterday went...but most days are pretty similar):

we wake up at about 8

go to the beach. chris takes the cast net and catches bait fish which we keep in a little raft and jack throws them back into the water at his leisure. yesterday jack kissed each one and said "i love you" to each fish before throwing it back into its home. his favorite ones are ballyhoo.

go back to grandmas and eat lunch.

swim in grandma & grandpa's pool.

watch a movie and fall asleep.

go home and eat dinner with dad before he goes to work.

ok, so not everyday is like that, but i couldn't help but think that life is pretty awesome right now! i love florida and being so close to family!


Larissa said...

man lisa, your relatives are so white trash, I mean look at how brown their lawn is, and they let their kid run outside naked- come on!

Carrie said...

Not gonna lie...I'm a little jealous of the way your days go!!!

Rikki Browne said...

Yep, that makes it 7 times I've watched that Mr Pool video. I can't get enough of that little man. He talks so well... I'm definitely a proud aunt :)