Thursday, January 14

oh snap!

HOLY COW! the past few weeks have been FREEZING here in florida! literally FREEZING! we have had a major cold snap in southwest florida!
check out what the cold has done to our yard. not that it was anything fancy to begin with... but still!

(these are all different palms by the way)

pretty pathetic huh! i say we just light a match and start over from scratch, but something inside me says thats not a very smart idea. even the skin on my hands have cracked because its been so dry. out of the 15 years that i have lived in florida, i dont think it has ever been this cold for so many consecutive days, let alone my skin cracking. i think i better chat with al gore about all this global warming mumbo jumbo!

to stay warm, we have had to take refuge in the great indoors.
my favorite thing we did was go see

it was AWESOME! i didnt really have any expectations. in fact, i was really apprehensive because the previews looked as though there could be a few risque scenes. but my mom and dad were stoked and went to see it opening week. my parents are not typically movie-goers. in fact, i think the last time my dad went to the theater was 2 years ago. when they came back from the movie my dad said to my mom, "when do you want to go see it again?". chris and i knew we needed to go see it. and we did! and we both loved it! it's very clean. the worst parts of it are in the previews. i was really impressed with the partnership of robert downey jr and jude law. they were phenomenal. they were funny and witty at all the right times without over doing it. they made a great team as holmes and watson. all in all it was very enjoyable and i would highly recommend seeing it. especially in the theater!


Amy said...

It better warm up before I get there! I want to be able to wear flip flops to show off my pedicure :)

Rikki Browne said...

Wow, I'm REALLY surprised and the rave reviews! I had my mind already made up to hate the movie just based on the previews... That'll teach me :) I really enjoy the Sherlock books, and I thought it was going to be an exagerated "slap-stick" version, which disappointed me, but I guess I'll have to give it a go!

What's up with the yucky cold?! I thought Alli and I were the only ones aloud to complain about that. You're gunna need to bundle those beach babes :) I'll send some warm thoughts your way, if you do the same for me!

Kandie and Steve said...

I totally agree with you on the movie, I loved it too. I love the Sherlock character and I think Robert Downy Jr. did a great job, and Jude Law was awesome too. I too was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was, violent, but not much else.

I have been enjoying the cold actually. It gave me a chance to get out our winter clothes and snuggle more. :) I don't want it all the time, but once in a while is fun. Let's get together and do something fun over the guys break K.

Thompson Family said...

funny- your Al Gore comment- we always joke around about that too- so what's up Al? :)

Smith Family said...

Freezing in FL and loving it! Today it felt warmer, muggier, more humid - yuk! Love that cooler air!