Friday, January 22

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Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!
* Happy Birthday Thing 1 & Thing 2 *

we celebrated EVERETT and ELLIE'S 2nd BIRTHDAY last night!

ev's birthday is on sunday and ellie's is in 3 weeks. but because chris is between semesters right now and uncle tony & aunt layna are visiting, we decided to throw a big hoopla for these two sweet babes! as you can see, it was a dr. seuss theme and was SO much fun to plan and think of! if you aren't a die-hard ellie fan, proceed with caution because we've got pictures up the wazoo!

the cute invites larissa made:

ellie wouldn't be ellie without a few cuts and scrapes on her face!

J and E picked out a thomas the train sticker book for ev... i think he liked it...
slowly through out the evening ellie added layer upon layer of her new clothing.
here she is showing grandpa her new panties (yes im crazy and contemplating potty training even though we JUST went through it with jack). she is always so proud to show grandpa everything!

i wish we had recorded them trying to blow out their candles, it was a hoot! by the time they werent mesmerized by the flames, they didnt know which direction to blow in!
i guess you arent allowed to use hands when eating your birthday cake

ellie's first dress-up dress. she ran away from it when she opened it. but by the end of the party she had warmed up to it.... we added a wig and tiara...
...but that didnt last long! baby steps, i guess, baby steps
jack shed a few tears because he just couldnt grasp that it wasn't HIS birthday party. but i think even through his tears and tantrums he managed to have a good time, thanks to ev and his thomas the train sticker book!

being a parent to ellie has been like a wild roller coaster ride. we have had so many ups and downs with her personality. for the past 6 months or so she has really warmed up and become a much more cuddly and happy little person. dont get me wrong, there is still plenty of grrrs, grunts, and growls from her. but now she likes to be held (sometimes) smile (occasionally) and snuggle (every once in a while)! we do love our little ellie bellie and hope she has a happy and healthy year ahead!


Larissa said...

that blue buttercream frosting is making my mouth water. i might just have to go get a cold cupcake from my fridge- mmmmmm. thanks again for all your hard work- the munchkins were very spoiled weren't they? the kite works like a charm!

Amy said...

Very cute birthday party. I love those red pj's. See you in a few weeks!

Thompson Family said...

very creative- memories are important and pictures to look back on!

The Lancaster Crew said...

cute b-day pics! Those cupcakes look delicious martha! Also, that pic of the rat tail is sooo disgusting!

Laine said...

Dang your kids are gorgeous. And you are so put together with your birthday decorations and pretty cupcakes kids are getting jipped! ;) Love ya!