Wednesday, February 3

2 weeks of randomness

chris just had a two week break between school semesters. rather than going on a little trip or doing anything in particular, we just hung out and did, well, whatever we wanted each day. it was so much fun and i know the kids enjoyed having dad home for 2 weeks! hopefully he was able to recover from his last semester and prep for round two. this school stuff is brutal for all involved! 1 down, 6 to go. but im not counting......really.......promise.....ok, i am.

one morning i slept in, woke up, poured some cereal, went to the fridge, and i saw this posted on the fridge:
i dont think most girls would be too excited to see a creepy man with an eye-patch asking for a date. BUT I WAS SO EXCITED! this guy's name is dale chihuly and he is a glass artist. he has been my favorite artist since middle school. he has a brand new art exhibit at the philharmonic in naples and chris took me to see it! most of you have probably seen his artwork and not even realized it. there is quite a bit of it around salt lake city in fact.
i decided that, though i do love a lot of his work.... he isnt really my favorite anymore! oh well, it was a lot of fun to go with chris and see all of the art. while we were there, our guide was quite old and had a very soft voice. on top of a soft voice, the museum was packed. well, needless to say, it was near impossible to hear our guide. there was an old lady in our group that would just start yelling "I CANT HEAR YOU I CANT HEAR YOU I CANT HEAR YOU!" and pushing people out of the way! she was so rude that we decided to just cut the guided tour and explore on our own. you'd think after living here for so long i wouldnt be shocked by the utter meaness by the old toots that come during the winter, but they never cease to amaze! in fact, i have thought about writting a letter to the editor about our experience at the phil, but we'll see if i get around to it... and if i really care that much!

this is my favorite of his work. it is at the bellagio in vegas.

ellie, everett and jack all received kites for "thing 1 and thing 2's" birthday. jack is in LOVE with kite flying now! and truth be told, he's pretty darn good at it for a 3 year old!

this is the look ellie would give us right before letting go and watching her kite get carried away in the wind... what a scamp!

to celebrate a semester well done (straight A's), we bought a cheesecake. i gave ellie a tiny little piece of it one afternoon, went in the laundry room for about 10 seconds, came back and found this:
yes, thats right, cheescake smashed into the back of her head! what drives kids to do the things they do?!

jack started soccer with his buddy connor. he really enjoyed it, all though he would just randomly tackle someone (from his team or the other, it didnt matter), kick the ball way out of bounds and continue running with it, or start swinging at other kids for no reason. he is beyond our understanding!

we ripped out all of our plants and put in some new ones. we had so much fun digging and watering! hopefully we dont have another frost attack anytime soon!

ellie has enjoyed all of her new clothes from her birthday. i have been really surprised at how girly she has become. everytime she puts on a new shirt she says, "ooooooooh toooooot toot! so pity"
translation: "ohhhhhhh cute cute so pretty!"

grandpa browne brought a bicycle home for jack and now he thinks he is the king! i mean, come on, wouldnt you if you were the only kid big enough to ride a bike!

the kids have also been practicing their singing.... unfortunately they dont have the best teacher... and it shows... :) since this video, ellie has been weened from her bottle. whew! it only took 5 months, but we did it!


Kate said...

You guys have been busy! And that cheesecake picture - I'm so sorry! Oh the grossness. Can I tell you how jealous I am of all your shorts and flip flops?

Oh, and did I fail to mention that the kids' Seuss party was the cutest party ever? 'Cause it was the cutest party ever. I'm going to hire you and Larissa for this year's birthday season at our house!

Carrie said...

Sounds like a fun couple of weeks! Glad Chris was able to be home! Everytime you put a new post I can't believe how big those kids are getting. They're getting cuter everyday!

Jenni Taysom said...

Food in the hair - I think Lydia finishes every meal by doing her hair with her food - but that cheesecake in the hair tops anything I've ever seen before.
Jack singing to Ellie was so cute. We missed him at preschool today. Jenna kept asking where he was.

Thompson Family said...

cute way to ask for a date night! Also I never experienced cheesecake in the hair- but I hear when your kids do things like that- they are really artistic and creative! :)

Rikki Browne said...

What a GrEaT post! I loved every second of it : ) Several days of joy for you translates into several hours (because I shamelessly watch the clips over and over) of joy for me! Thanks for taking the time to post it. How is it possible for Ellie to get more and more cute every time I see her? I'm not sure, but at this rate, she'll outshine the sun by the time she's 3!!! Please give them both hugs from their aunt Rik, whom misses you all immensely!

Larissa said...

that cheesecake- wow, i don't know if i would have believed if it i hadn't seen a picture- okay, i would of, i know ellie too well. she likes to have her cake and wear it too

matchgirl said...

oh man! What an awesome post! And, yes, I am a little jealous that you got to wake up to that on your fridge. I read the post with Preston and he said "Chris is a great husband. He has some great ideas." He also said "Lisa is an awesome mom." "Too true" I said. Too true."

Carrie said...

Hey, that sweatshirt Jack is wearing in the video where he's riding his bike...did you get that from Target? The orange and blue striped one? If so...I got the exact same one for Elliott for Christmas! I told Kerz today! You should have her take a picture of Elliott in it and show it to Jack, cause I know Jack loves little Elliott!!