Friday, February 19

girls just wanna have fun!

my sisters all came to visit for a BROWER GIRLS WEEKEND!!!!!!!
my sis-in-law, DeLauna, rented a villa in port charlotte for us to all hang-out and do whatever the heck we wanted for the weekend! even though it was so cold, we still managed to have a BLAST! here is just a smidgen of the pictures we took...

at the villa:

at the beach:

at fisherman's village:

at coconut point:

at our house:

we had so much fun! i dont even know where to start! we had so much good food (at home and at restaurants...we even ate at a little place called sisters, awwww), watched great girly movies, some of us got massages, janie laughed her tail off while getting her pedicure because she's so ticklish, went skinny dippin' in our private pool, and even went shopping together at victoria's secret! it was a great GIRLS weekend and im so glad to have sisters that love to be together

ALRIGHT! i cant say that WE went skinny dipping because I didnt! the water was just too cold for this florida cracker. but half of the girls did including someone whos name starts with J and ends with E...

oh yeah, thanks chris for letting me go... i guess i couldnt have had so much fun if it werent for you :)


Larissa said...

why did you pick up that fish? eckk!
I like your and cathi's color coordination- pretty cute!
And I am pretty sure we should do a Browne Girls Getaway, except this time you aren't getting out of skinny dipping- no matter what!

Amy said...

Now that I know my kids can survive without me I'm ready for round 2. Thanks again. I had so much fun!

Danny Beard said...

That looks so fun! What a great weekend :D

Danny Beard said...

Haha. That was carolina leaving the comment, not Danny. I guess I'm logged into his account. :-)

Thompson Family said...

This must be sisters in law? Otherwise I am really losing it (ha) looks a fun time was had by all!