Tuesday, February 23

long lost pictures

we recently purchased a new computer (a 27" imac). we gave our old computer to my parents because they have not purchased a new computer since TLC was my favorite music group and hammer pants were still cool. ok, it hasn't been that long, but you get the idea.
while chris was transferring all their data from their old computer to their "new" one, he found some pictures that we took back in april and may of 2008, while we were living with them before we bought our house. enjoy!



alli... yes, i promise, its alli! how is possible that she can still be beautiful even when she takes a "bad" picture?!


Thompson Family said...

fun to find old pictures and realize how much your children have grown! :)

Rikki Browne said...

I've come to realize that with ALL my sisters... I think that's why I've been so involved with photography. I've had to capture my families beautiful faces (cheesy, yes, but true!)

Rikki Browne said...

*** I meant family's, not families...or did I...maybe this was a subconscious attempt to get the truth out. Yep, I have another totally different family that helped raise me in Canada. Those times you thought I was just in the bathroom a while.... yep, with the Showalters***

Real Pretty Thangs and Crap said...

Lisa loves to tack on really crumby pictures of me at the end of her blogs, just loves to do it.. why? Just loves to do it.