Friday, February 26

sasquatch or JACKsquatch?

chris and i have always been amused with BIG FOOT and his many sightings. but
whether you call it SASQUATCH (like in the north) or SKUNK APE (like they do here in the south), "it" is very elusive!

Folks in southwest florida have our own version and we have officially named it

we were lucky enough to sneak a photo of jacksquatch while getting ready for jammies the other night.

the following picture is a close up and certainly is NOT G Rated... some cropping was necessary!

on to more mundane and less exciting things, here are some pictures from this week:

bagels are supposed to be eaten, not worn...who's kids are those?!

ellie was quite bored with our homemade chinese dinner last night

jack is an excellent copycat!

one of the great things about having a three year old is that i no longer have to be the pony!


Larissa said...

jacksquatch!!!-my gut hurts from laughing!

Carolina said...

Oh my goodness! Jacksquatch looks pretty scary!! I about died laughing!! :D

Thompson Family said...

I must say you are creative and if I didn't know better would think the picture was staged but with a youngin they give us so many opportunities! I'm sure he'll love this one later! :)

Amy said...

Tyler and I got a good laugh from that one. Funny funny.

britt said...

so so funny! love it! ok, so your kids look like twins! they are so cute!