Monday, March 1

productivity... i like it!

most days i feel lucky if i have made it out of my pajamas by the time chris gets home from school (7 pm). this may sound weird to some, but when you have a 30 pound weight glued to your leg named ellie, and a three year old that is trying to plug the bathroom sink with toilet paper while you are otherwise engaged, it proves quite difficult to get anything done but just survive what life (or jack) throws at you.

occasionally, i MAKE myself have a productive day. and i mean productive, as in, doing something besides just being MOM. even though this does usually mean that the house is a mess or i havent done the dishes, i feel as though its still been a great day because i have something to show for it.

today was a productive day:

visiting teaching easter goody buckets

cards for aunties and uncles we haven't seen for a while:
i let the kiddos each pick out a pack of stickers to use. jack is WAY into spongebob right now even though he never watches it...weirdo. and little miss loves hello kitty. but, by the looks of the toy aisle, what little girl doesn't?

the inside of the cards looked like this:
jack really did sign his name! all i did was rest my hand on his and when he'd get off track, i'd just squeeze a little and he'd get right back on course. i was impressed!

and a little sewing project for miss ellie bean:

i have been itching for a little sewing project for quite some time. yesterday my sis-in-law elena told me about and it had this little ruffled collar project and i thought it would be easy enough, quick enough, and might just satisfy my need to sew.... without dropping a ton of moolah... and it did! and i'm glad too because ellie looks stinkin cute!

i just picked up this sun dress at target for $8 and a white tee on clearance for a couple bucks. first i cut the white shirt into strips. the dress already had the bow on it. i just removed it, sewed on the ruffle i made out of the t-shirt strips, then tacked the bow back on. not bad for $10!

and the best part of all is that i managed to clean up after each project AND get the dishes done! of course, i didnt take a shower today, but i guess you gotta make sacrifices :)


Amy said...

Very cute dress! I'm glad I'm not the only who stays in pj's for most of the day. Although latley if I get a shower in before noon I'll put clean pj's right back on so I don't have to be reminded about how none of my clothes fit right.

Carolina said...

Holy cow! You were productive. I would be lucky to get all of that done in a week!!! All of it is super cute, and I can't wait to go visiting teaching. Great motivator :-)

Thompson Family said...

Man- I am impressed- anyone that does crafts and sews (especially since I don't) in one day is cool. I don't care that you haven't showered- I'm cleaning so that's my excuse (ha). Can you be my Visiting teacher? :)

Jenni Taysom said...

I love productive days - sometimes they seem too rare. That dress is so cute, that makeitandloveit always has the cutest ideas.

Larissa said...

the dress is darling- way to go lisa! and as someone who sees lisa on practically a daily basis i have say that she always looks put together-i wish my hair could look as cute as hers when she just "throws it up"- she always looks darling and usually has something tasty cooking in the kitchen to boot- that could be why i manage to see her practically every day :)

The Lancaster Crew said...

That dress is adorable! You are always so creative! I have a sewing project i've been meaning to do for months and STILL haven't started. I got a sewing machine for christmas...haven't touched it. Oh well, someday maybe. The easter buckets are super cute too, good idea!

Kandie and Steve said...

Man can I relate. Why does being a "mom" dishes, meals, laundry, cleaning, naps, more cleaning, more meals, take so stinkin' long. I hate that I have to give up something to have a "productive" day. But oh well, that's life I guess. I just hope my husband understands. I don't know if they ever will truly understand. I love your productivity. Very cute!! I'm excited for the visit (hopefully that meant me :).