Tuesday, March 30


we had a fun time decorating sugar cookies for easter today! i started uploading some of the photos and got a little carried away.... these little easter peeps are just too cute i guess!

"hey mom, where'd my jelly bean go?"
"hey, what the...?!"
"mmmm, that looks good, i think i'll have that!"

when i first saw this photo full size, i couldnt believe how grown-up jack looked! unfortunately, these pictures are much more fun to look at blown up on a 27" imac monitor... :)
here is my attempt at icing sugar cookies. once i figured it out, it was pretty easy. it just took a dozen cookies to figure out what i was doing!
i made these with the intention to deliver them to some friends. when i was checking out different icings online, i read a tip that said to put the cookies in the freezer to help the icing harden faster. BAD IDEA! when we were ready to deliver them, i took them out of the freezer, set 'em up on the plate, took a picture and ran out the door. as soon as we were in the car the icing started to melt...all over the plate... there was NO STINKIN' WAY i was taking those for someone else to look at! after a short freak-out, i made chris run into the store and buy some cupcakes that we tied a ribbon and a note around, and dropped those off instead! oh yeah, and we ate some of the cookies on the ride home!


Katie said...

Oh, Lisa, how we miss you guys!! We would have loved to frost those sugar cookies with you. Instead we did cupcakes last night on our own. Still fun, but we sure miss Jack and Ellie. Dani has froggy boots like Ellie and she reminds me of that everytime she puts them on. Hope things are going well. I'll call you sometime in the next week or so to chat.

Carolina said...

Cute! Did you bake those cookies? Where did you get the mold? Second question: how did you get the icing like that where it is white outlining and yellow on the inside? Those are awesome!!