Wednesday, March 10

J + E

jack finished his soccer season last saturday. this being my first time having a child participate in something like this, i didnt realize that they had a big awards ceremony after the last game. basically what im saying is im lame and didnt take my camera. so we had to steal a couple shots of jack with his medal in our front yard. we need to work on that smile. yikes!...moving on... he had a great coach, coach denver, who bought all the kids ice cream after the ceremony. jack thought he was in heaven with a "gold" medal and ice cream!

here are a few of jack's favorite things about soccer:

he made a buddy on his team named ryder. one day jack came up to me and said, "mom, i dont want to be a jack, i want to be a ryder!"
even though we always took a water bottle, jack LOVED getting his own drink at the cooler.
and of course, no game was complete without hanging on the net. he was a pretty bad example about this. once he would do it, all the others would copy him and then they would be the ones to get in trouble. thats pretty much how things go at home too. jack will do something, just to get ellie to copy him, and then by the time i see whats happening ellie is the one that gets caught! what a stinker he is.

ellie. what can i say. she is her own little person!

she brought these clothes out to me the other morning. so i humored her and let her wear them for a few hours until we went out into the real world.


britt said...

that smile cracks me up!! so so funny. and the first thought that came to me when I saw the pic of them together with the hat and sunglasses was Bonnie and Clyde. haha. so serious. so cute!

Larissa said...

don't let lisa fool you--- ellie wears belly shirts every day, that's why she's ellie bellie

Thompson Family said...

like I said- creative children :)

Carrie said...

Awe...they're so cute. Miss you guys tons. I think once she gets a little older and has a little more practice, she's gonna have as good of an eye for fashion as her momma!!