Tuesday, March 16

* puzzle palooza *

not a day goes by where we dont spend at least an hour doing puzzles. my kids are puzzle FrEaKs! luckily, their cousin everett loves them too! ev came over yesterday morning and we spent a solid two hours doing all 5 puzzles that we own.... over and over again. of course, the favorite of all three is our giant thomas the train puzzle (thanks grandma janie!). i cant help but smile when they are all working on a puzzle together and yelling, "all aboard" "chugga choo" and just plain "CHOO CHOO"! they are so cute...when they play nicely :)

ev and jack are pretty good little buds


Larissa said...

thanks again for watching ev! i know he would rather play at your house with your toys with your kids than any where else on earth!

Rikki Browne said...

Ummm, who's gunna say something about those AMAZING tulips on the table?!... I guess I will. Those are AMAZING tulips on the table, Lis!

I really like the verification word today: tyrag

matchgirl said...

aww, they are so sweet. I miss them. I with Elliott could do puzzles. I mean, do as in anything besides chew on them.