Friday, February 19

when grandma comes to town

Grandma Janie came to visit! we were lucky enough to have her here for a week and a half. unfortunately she wasnt able to escape the cold ohio winter because it was freezing here! whats up with all this cold weather?!

we played at several different parks, blew bubbles, rode bikes, went to "farmer mike's u-pick" for oranges and grapefruit, went on walks, got ice cream, went for a train ride, picked out surprises (toys), and chris and i even went out on a date to our favorite indian restaurant in bonita! whew! that was a long list and im sure i missed a few things. here are a few pictures from the past week with grandma!

this is our conductor, jerry, who was a silly man
a few of the sights from our train ride:

and my personal favorite! a creepy drummer boy

we miss grandma all ready! i guess thats what happens when we are all so spoiled!

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Rikki Browne said...

That picture of Jack at the end made me laugh SO hard! That belly was screaming for a raspberry!!