Monday, June 7

Florida Aquarium

this week, being chris' break from school, we headed up to the aquarium in tampa for a couple days! it was definitely worth the trip for our fish-lovin' family!
for those in the area, if you ever decide to go to the aquarium, just know that they have an awesome little splash park inside. bathing suits are required for the kids, so be prepared... we werent, so we didnt get to enjoy that part of the fun.

reality starts again tomorrow, but it has been SO NICE having our daddy home! we just hope he doesnt pick up the cold that the rest of us have at the moment... not a fun way to start a new semester.

because this blog is the only form of journaling and/or scrapbooking that i do, i am posting a bazillion kabillion pictures :)

they loved this mermaid. we thought it was a bit creepy. i begged chris to sit down for a picture with it and he said "no, because i know you are going to post it on the blog and make fun of it". how did he know???

looking down into the shark tank

this shell looked a lot bigger when ellie was in it :)

jack had no idea this shark was swimming behind him at the time, i think its a good thing too!

i have a wonderful way with kids. just look at how happy ellie is

dinner at the spaghetti warehouse.
we were hoping it was going to be as good as the brower family favorite: the spaghetti factory. it wasnt. but we still managed to eat enough to waddle out of the restaurant.

ellie is a good little noodle slurper
and jack tries to be

jack and ellie got spaghetti and meatballs. they both loved it and when ellie was done with hers, i gave her a bite of my alfredo. she grabbed my bowl and finished my second half :)

we stopped at a little chocolate shop and each picked out a treat. of course, anything with sprinkles looks good to these kiddos. i, on the other hand, picked something drenched in milk chocolate and caramel. mmmmmm
we love family vacations!
good luck this next semester daddy-o!!!!


Thompson Family said...

looks like a fun time.... you're right our family knows we will blog about them- we live for this right? (hah)

britt said...

so fun!!

Carrie said...

That looks like a lot of fun! That's nice you were able to go do something on Chris' break. I still can't believe how big the kids are getting, I know I say that every time. There were a few pictures where Ellie looked a little bit like her mama!!!

Larissa said...

my favorite is of Ellie standing on her seat at the spaghetti warehouse her face says: I'm so full I could burst. Pretty Cute! Glad you guys got to enjoy your vacation

Kandie and Steve said...

Looks like fun, we will definitely try it out. The dolphin mask is soo you. See you soon.

Amy said...

My favorite pic is of Ellie picking out a wedgie (sp?). All that florida heat and humidity is making her underpants stick too her. Poor kid :)