Wednesday, May 26

trying to Beat the Heat

it's HOT here! and i am not complaining. we go swimming at grandma and grandpa's pool once, if not twice a day. we wait as long as we possibly can to head over to their house in the morning. that means we are usually there between 9:30 and 10 :) so to pass the time in the mornings, here are a couple of the kiddlets activities of choice:

ellie pulls out a box of diapers, covers it with a blanket (sometimes several) and then sets up dishes from their play kitchen. they both really enjoy this activity.

ok, these pictures do not in any way depict their super hero abilities, or picture taking abilities for that matter. but they both enjoy wearing one of jack's super hero shirts and running around the house yelling "save the day!" repeatedly. this picture of jack made me laugh pretty hard!
i guess all heros have to eat lunch
i LOVE that they play together now... not that they dont fight regularly still, but its fun to watch when they can play together!

ok, we dont get ice cream every morning to pass the time, but it has been something we've done for the past few family home evening activities. we really enjoy this little ice cream shop on old 41 (hence the bars across the windows) called "for heaven shakes", isnt that such a clever name haha. i love it!
why cant kids pass up superman ice cream? does it really look THAT good?
check out the determination on that kids face! holy cow!
this week has been finals week for chris. i used to really hate taking finals when i was in school. but now i realize it was nothing compared to being at home with two little people who want to spend time with daddy. i think i might actually enjoy being the one to take the finals! ok not really, but we are all VERY excited to have chris home for a week!!!


Thompson Family said...

cute pictures of your kids- hate to tell you- it might get hotter!

Carrie said...

Looks like you guys are having fun. The weather is crazy. How is it that it was snowing here on Monday and everywhere else it was almost perfect weather or hot??? Oh well. Good thing they're taking swim lessons so there will be lots of swimming to keep you guys cool!!!

Larissa said...

you get that superman ice cream jack! those pics are pretty cute, you seem to catch them at the goofiest- and i love it! see you kids on the flip flop

Carolina said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Love the pictures

Kandie and Steve said...


We're so excited to see our dad too. We also love that little ice cream shop, we should plan to meet sometime for FHE. The little old lady that works there is pretty funny, very chatty. Your kiddos pictures make me laugh. You are a good mommy.

Kristen said...

we're going to have to try the ice cream shoppe. when chris is back at school you guys will have to come over here one day to swim. i have a few project ideas i'd love to bounce off you!!

britt said...

so fun! I can't wait for my girls to play together!