Monday, May 10

what happens in vegas....

i went to las vegas this past weekend!

thats right.... 4 whole days by myself... no kids... talk about a great mother's day gift! (thank you thank you thank you to janie and chris!!!)
all the shopping and slot machines a mom could ever hope for!

alright, there wasnt any
shopping or gambling going on.

i went to vegas for this special lady:

isnt she gorgeous!!!!

carrie miller is no longer carrie miller...
she's mrs. carrie SMITH!!!!!

carrie and i met our first semester at byu-i, which was the summer of 2003. we were instantly buddies and have been the best of friends since. she and chris have become very good friends too, which makes me extremely happy! she was at our wedding in 2004, and we went to the temple with her before her mission to brazil in 2006. she has been to florida twice since being back from her mission and my kids LOVE "tarrie miller". i couldnt be happier for her and she picked herself an amazing guy! it was great getting to know cameron. he takes care of carrie and that makes me smile.

it was so much fun being able to spend a few days with CARRIE, her husband (i just like to say that!) cameron, and KERSEY too!

words cannot express how much i love this little gentleman.
elliott stole my heart for the weekend. by the way, i need that back elliott.
i could just eat up those sweet chunky cheeks!

we spent a few (HAHA) hours working on the reception set-up. i wish my pictures could have done it justice. it was stunning! we put in a ceiling of tulle, lights, and lanterns. oh, and see those pretty chair covers? kerz and i tied all 80 of them, then had to take them off and put them on 80 different chairs... because they were padded... thanks cameron :)

my favorite part of the reception was meeting carrie's friend andrew. i have heard stories about andrew since i met carrie and have always wanted to meet him. carrie babysat andrew, who has down syndrome, for several years growing up. he is quite the character! he truly loves carrie and im sure he will come to love cameron just as much.... as long as he can stop referring to them as beauty and the beast!

amazingly, we gals were able to spend a lot of time together! there was quite a bit of late night chats, eating out at restaurants, and a TON of laughing!

i am so glad that i was able to spend time with carrie and kersey. they fill me up with so much happiness. what amazing friends they have always been to me. i love them as much as sisters. i truly believe that one of the greatest blessings that can come from the church are the friends you meet. i am so happy for carrie to have been married in the temple to someone as amazing as cameron! congratulations guys!!! and have fun in san diego this week!


Kate said...

1. Carrie has the same wedding dress as Lindsay ... and it is my favorite wedding dress ever! So gorgeous. And what a beautiful bride!
2. OK, I have never seen a prettier cultural hall. Stunning! And knowing how things never look as good in pictures as they do in real life ... I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been.

Thompson Family said...

wow- what a special treat for you- no wonder you haven't been on in abit. IT's so neat to stay in touch with friends from college and attend the special events in their life. Also to see Kersey :)

Larissa said...

I looked at Kallie's blog the other day and saw Lindsay's wedding pics-- so when I saw Carrie's dress again I thought they had the same dress too- thanks for clarifying Kate! It looked so lovely on both of them. We missed you Lisa, but are so glad you got a well deserved vacation. (from the kids that is, it doesn't look like you did a lot in the way of relaxing)