Tuesday, May 11

while i was gone

i missed these guys.

especially this one
its great to be back!

the kids were golden brown when i got home. they had so much fun with grandma janie here! they went on the boat, went miniature golfing, played games, swam, and jack went on a special date with grandma to the movies to see "oceans". the kids each received new books and they keep telling me knew things that they did with grandma.

and i thought i had fun!

thank you grandma janie! we love you! i know a lot of people claim that they have the best in-laws, but i really do have the best!

jack loves reaching over the sea wall and finding snails. grandma linda told jack about pets the other week. she mentioned that the owner of the pet is called his master. jack loved that idea and now keeps anything and calls it his pet. (he even had a marble that he called his pet and kept in an empty 2 liter bottle and said he was the "marble master") so when we are playing in the sand, he catches the snails and puts them in a container until he has 15-20 of them. then he either throws them back in the water or has races. jack is the snail master. i like little boys.

i wish this picture was a close-up. ellies cheeks are just too cute!
some how she always ends up snuggling with grandma when she is soaking wet. and grandma doesnt mind... even when she jumps on her lap without a towel.


Thompson Family said...

thank goodness for G.ma's :)

Carolina said...

What great pictures! I love Jack's snail races. Hilarious.

Rikki Browne said...

"Hi" he says in a less than enthusiastic voice...Love It!

Rikki Browne said...

Those aren't the only cute cheeks in that last pic! Love you mom!

I took a pic of me and my new roommates looking at your blob, but there's nowhere to post it. Oh well, you'll have to see it some other time : )