Tuesday, September 21

pure nonsense

every friday there's this guy that comes and cuts our grass. the kids and i go outside, watch him for a little while, and eat a popsicle. then the kids cant contain themselves and they chase him down, staining their feet and ankles bright green from the freshly cut grass. its a lot of fun for me and the kids. im not sure how much our lawn man likes it, but oh well!
during the summer, our yard is like a jungle. it is chris' nemesis. in order for it to actually look nice, he would have to tackle it twice a week. but who has time for that??? not him, thats for sure. he listens to his lectures on his phone while he mows... killing two birds with one stone. what a multi-tasker!

i usually say some silly thing like "hey hot stuff" as he passes by, but only because i know he cant hear me :) in fact, i dont think he knows i do that.

jack has made up a little game while they mow. he runs in front of the lawn mower (totally safe, i know) and waits for chris to catch him at the end of the row. occasionally chris will scare him and come running full speed at him and jack thinks its the greatest/scariest thing in the entire world.
its not all that exciting, but since i havent thrown in any videos lately, enjoy

ellie's teeth arent always red, dont worry. its just from her popsicle.

jack has been wearing his goggles in the bath tub lately. so naturally, we have a few towels laying on the floor at all times to soak up the inevitable splashes. he just doesnt grasp the fact that a bath tub and a pool are two different things.

the kids have been VERY entertained lately by making faces. this is one of the things that i enjoy about having kids that are only 15 months apart. they entertain each other and are best buds. here are a ton of silly faces. brace yourself.

ahhh, the face only a mother could love...


Steve and Donna said...

well- I'd say you have normal kids and cute too!

Amy said...

I could love that face too...just get rid of the cross eyes :) Ok even with the cross eyes she's still so cute!

Larissa said...

now I know why jack is missing a few fingers

Katie said...

Those are some funny kids you have!

Kandie and Steve said...

You are making me miss Florida. Crazy huh. I seriously love your kids. They are very entertaining.