Tuesday, September 28

the dude's got 'tude

we had a gargantuan thunderstorm this afternoon. so while ellie was napping, jack and i decided to take some pictures. this was after the huge tickle tag game we played and all of my energy was sucked from my body. that always seems to happen around 2 o'clock whether we've played tickle tag or not.

anyways, this boy has some serious attitude!
work it jackman!
he is so silly and its fun to see his imagination at work

i dont know where all of his facial expressions come from :)

jack took these while i was in the middle of telling him all the facts
i know about lightening. as it turns out, i dont know as much as i thought i did.

i know photo shop could work miracles on my beautiful skin, but im too lazy to figure out all that jazz. i'll have to ask carolina for some classes so i can learn all the tricks!

this morning we had our friends over to make "stained glass windows". they turned out really cute. we just stuck tissue paper onto some contact paper. very simple and hardly any mess involved! as i mentioned before, i took these picture while there was a storm so the sun didnt shine through them very well. usually they radiate with brilliance :)

and this was just a little project we did a couple weeks ago. it too would be a great one to keep little people entertained during a rainy day. we made our own aquariums by cutting and gluing fish and all sorts of sea creatures to some construction paper, and then covered it with plastic wrap to make it look like glass. the kids really had fun with this one.

right now i'm working on another big project, along with sewing the kids halloween costumes (peter pan and tinker bell), so i'll post some of those pictures when they are all done.
we are very excited for tomorrow. chris is returning from a 5 day golfing expedition to ohio (or as ellie calls it, Nohio). im glad he was able to do something fun during his week off between school semesters... but we are all very anxious to have him home!


Steve and Donna said...

good to be creative on those long days! Plus you sew- I'm impressed :)

Carrie said...

Lisa...you are so creative! Everytime you post about a project you did with the kids I think, "how did she think of that??? that is a fabulous idea!" I'm saying what I've said before...when I'm a mom I'm definitely going to look back at your blog to get ideas of things to do with my kids!

Katie said...

That's funny - I have a 2 o'clock nap time as well. Something must be wrong with us! Problem for me is neither of my kids nap anymore, so they get hit with tv time for half an hour or so every afternoon. So pathetic!

Larissa said...

work it jackie! i do hope you are going to post some pics of your handiwork in the kids room

Kiirstin said...

wow lisa you always have fun activities for the kids. You should do a post with just a list of all the cool crafts there are to do!