Friday, October 1

making it fall

its october!!!!!!
and it still feels like august around these parts. but, as ive mentioned before, im So anxious for the holidays to arrive! we've decorated for halloween, been eyeing the pumpkins at the store, and have even been to two halloween megastores. you know, the creepy ones with all the weird, gory costumes and accessories. yeah, i love those stores.

but one of my favorite things, as of recently, is to make caramel apples! i made them for the first time a couple years ago with the achievement day girls. in fact, it was my very first activity with them. it was an insane activity for one leader and 12 girls to do, and i learned my lesson very quickly :) but i knew it would be a fun thing to do with family and friends. so to usher in the fall season i had a few girlfriends over last night to dip, sprinkle, and devour caramel apples!

and it was SO MUCH FUN!

somehow aprihl got off lucky in the picture department. every picture i took was blurry. dont worry, next time aprihl, next time!

first we dipped them in caramel. then some were sprinkled with toffee bits and walnuts.
then, after letting them set-up in the fridge for a bit, to make them extra special, we added some chocolate! YUM!

thanks ladies for making my wildest gourmet caramel apple dreams come true!

and this morning, since its still practically summer here, we are off on a boating/fishing/beaching expedition while dad has a little break before starting school again next week! have i mentioned that i love florida?!


Steve and Donna said...

wow- you are in the spirit of Fall- we do the carmel apples and bobbing usually the Mon. night before the 31st. But I do love them!

Kristen said...

i did a girls night/ caramel apple party last night too! fun!

Larissa said...

looking at those chocolately heath CARAMEL apples makes me wish I had made about a dozen. thanks for a great time, we should do it every week as far as i'm concernecd