Wednesday, October 20

get your craft on

ev-buddy came over this morning while his sister had a doctors appointment. i thought it would be fun to do a craft so i scrounged around my craft closet to see what i could pull together. and the verdict was:

monster masks for halloween!
just using paper plates and some elastic.

well it soon turned from monsters to aliens because all of our materials were bright, neon colors. we used some big colorful googley eyes, "shinies", and "fuzzies". (big sequins and pom-poms if you dont speak 2 1/2 year old).

upon further observation, i think it is apparent that these masks are not monsters or aliens at all, but
Mardi Gras masks on steroids!
which is quite an accomplishment considering we didnt use any glitter, feathers, or beads!


Carolina said...

So fun. You need to have a craft blog and post your gazillions of craftie ideas, so that I can steal them all and use them as sophie gets older! You are the up and coming martha stewart, you are. :D

Larissa said...

that last one of ellie is perfection! thanks again for entertaining ev-buddy for me

Steve and Donna said...

your kids are so used to being entertained- hope we can meet the requirements (hah)

britt said...

I love your ideas of activities you do with your kids. I need all the help I can get! love the goo and masks!