Friday, October 29

punkin' heads

somehow chris had a break in his day, so we carved pumpkins!
and then he took jack to the driving range to test out his new clubs he received for his birthday. we love it when daddy has a little time!

i helped with the cleaning
(ellie really liked this part. jack was a bit squeamish)
and chris with the carving

and after a number of drawings and sketches by the little people, we were able to put together the pumpkins faces.
from their drawings, they picked out which eyes they liked, then noses, then mouths and this is what they created:
jack's is the one on the left, ellie's the right. not really the definition of scary, but they love 'em! ellie's had a huge rotting spot on it already so we managed to turn it into a big, goofy eye.
we are anxiously awaiting tonights ward halloween party! i've been able to use it to bribe the kids with. its been handy.

watch out phil mickelson!


Smith Family said...

Hey I want to know how you did your main picture and added the 'costume' elements! Love it. I wish I lived closer to you! It would be way fun and even thought I'm kind of old to fit in your circle of friends - I would love learning all kinds of things from you.

Steve and Donna said...

cute pumpkins- so Ellie didn't mind the 'guts' but was afraid of the gummi worms (go figure). Have fun tonight :)

Larissa said...

ev sure was excited when we saw those as we drove by today!

Carrie said...

Sounds like lots of fun! You look great Lis!