Monday, November 1

peter pan, tinker bell, and a snook

peter pan and tinker bell ready for the ward trunk or treat!

jack dove straight in to the donut eating contest! he pretty much had chocolate smeared all over his front the rest of the night. i love halloween! what other holiday can you walk around with chocolate on your face and shirt and no one thinks twice about it?!

ellie walked up to the box of donuts for the contest, looked around to make sure no one was watching, and snatched up a glazed donut! too funny!
jack and ellie with their pals sophie and lydia

peter pan here won first place in the costume contest for his age group! go peter go peter!

jack invited his buddy connor to go fishing on saturday morning. i heard they were dancing and jumping for joy before they even got on the boat. i think they must have had visions of large mullet and snook the night before!

jack had been planning this trip for a couple weeks and he told me, "sorry mom, its just for the dudes" . he also told grandma, "grandma, this trip is just for the buds this time". he was really excited to say the least!

connor and his papa, kendall
one of only two catches of the day. but i think they managed to still have a great time :)
they came home with stories, one hook wound, and silly smiles! thanks connor and kendall for coming out with the boys!


Steve and Donna said...

wow- Tell Jack cool on his win and his fishing abilities! Maybe he can teach us ;)

Carolina said...

Those fishing pictures are so dang cute. I love the one where jack is fishing off the side of the boat sitting down.

Katie said...

Love, love, love the costumes. Well done, Lisa!! Jack definitely deserved the best costume in his age group. Looks like the ward party was a huge success. How fun!

Larissa said...

that's so cute that jack was like "sorry, this trips just for the dudes" oh sweet little jackie!
Those costumes were the bomb lisa! you sew like martha stewart!

Real Pretty Thangs and Crap said...

This long delay in posting is making me wonder what great, grand, and fabulous post you are building our suspense up for. You better be, I would expect this kind of behavior from us but not you.