Monday, November 29


we had a fabulous thanksgiving this year! i know everyone always says that, but we truly had an enjoyable day/month of thanksgiving. we usually have a pretty large group on thanksgiving day which means that recipes are tripled and guests are spread throughout every inch of the house and yard. its always fun to be surrounded by friends, but this year we kept it very simple and small. it was so nice to sit around the table and just be family!
i wrapped our turkey in bacon and roasted pears for garnish. the purpose of the bacon (besides being deliciously naughty) was that it allowed me to leave the turkey pretty much unattended. no basting required with all that bacony-goodness! here is a photo of the aftermath:

grandpa is always willing to give the kiddos whatever they want and thanksgiving was no exception! jack has wanted a pie in his face for a number of months now...

...and he loved every second of it!

ev thought it looked like fun, and grandpa was willing to oblige!
we were able to video chat with rikki, alli and jacob, which were in idaho together for the holiday. here we are all gathered around listening to some very exciting news from alli and jacob... they are expecting their first little person in may!!!

we did several fun things through out the month to recognize this holiday...but ive just been too lazy to post any of them!
here are a few pictures:

making apple turkeys with the Taysom bunch!

we also painted handprint-turkeys

then we made indian headbands with everett, sophie, sophie beard, tommy and rhemi.
shortly after this photo was taken, ellie bashed ev's nose with a toy train. its a good thing they love each other... or are stuck with each other, whichever way you want to look at it.

riding home in style!

everett came over for an afternoon and we watched some sea creatures "grow" right before our eyes. it was truly remarkable and it changed my life forever.
and the only other thing of true importance that we did this month was go with some friends to see
HARRY POTTER opening weekend!!!!!! or as a true fan would say HP 7.1!!!!
(i also went again and saw it on thanksgiving with mom and larissa- we are such scamps, but it was so much fun!)

and now we are putting up christmas decorations and listening to bing crosby and frank sinatra on the ipod.

this was our november in a nutshell.

hope you enjoyed it.

the end.


Larissa said...

so after you watch fish grow do you want to come over and watch fish mate? they lay their eggs in perfect circles. are you creeped out yet?

Larissa said...

ha ha ha, thought that would make you laugh. thanks for the wonderfully delicious turkey meats!

Steve and Donna said...

it was enjoyable to say the least!

Kristen said...

tell your sweet sister alli that tears came to my eyes when i read she's expecting. bryn has always loved her soooo much and although she always claimed not to be a "kid person" i know she'll be a great momma. yipee!!!

Jenni Taysom said...

I "borrowed" the photos that you took of my kids and put in this post, hope you don't mind. thanks for doing that craft with us, the kids had lots of fun.

Rikki Browne said...

Pie in the face!!! I want that!!!

Chelsey Wilson said...

I love that your crafts actually turn out cute! Our crafts sometimes don't quite look like they were meant to! Y'all are just so cute!

Kandie and Steve said...

Thanks for being such a fun positive person in my life. I seriously look to you as a great example of a good mom, and wife, and a really fun person to be around, you always have a smile. HP 7.1 was fun. :) I really need to read the books though.

Smith Family said...

How exciting for Alli and Jacob. You guys have the funnest family get togethers. Love being a part of them even vicariously!