Wednesday, November 24

Bonita's Got Talent!

this morning we went to a talent show put on by our friends sydney and leah!
there were gymnastics routines, art displays, songs sung (some in sign-language even), ballet dances and a few more acts. jack even got out there and started twirling around, doing a dance i've never seen before, only to biff it and run off the stage looking a little embarrassed, but also a little pleased with himself. it was a lot of fun.
and then they served donuts and chocolate milk! how fun is that?! kids are so creative.
thanks sydney and leah!!!

tomorrow we are going to mom and dads for thanksgiving with bo and larissa. it will be so nice to celebrate the holiday a little more low-key without a bunch of people there. ive only cooked a whole turkey one other time, but i volunteered to make our turkey this year. no pressure! actually there really isnt, so it will be nice to practice making a turkey and not worry if it ends up like this, with a smile included:

or like this:
happy thanksgiving everyone!!!
we are one holiday closer to having our own little turkey out of the oven :)


Larissa said...

the last turkey you made was FABULOUSO so I know tomorrows will be a hit!

Steve and Donna said...

sounds good- we are opting for the bigger crowd this year (hah)