Tuesday, November 23

BiRtHdAy QuEeN, only 17...

i hope you sung that title to the tune of abba because this birthday girl is also a dancing queen and she turned 17 yesterday. wait, WHAT?! shes not 17??? well she had a birthday yesterday anyways and she does like abba....


opening gifts

and blowing out candles

and twirling party thingies (what are those called anyways??)

and winding up said party thingies

and squeezing sweet babies
are all a part of celebrating birthdays around here!
we hope your day was fabulous larissa! i am so lucky to have such an amazing sister so close!!!!

ellie stole the camera during the par-tay and took a few (thousand) shots...

say "howdy" everett!

yoo-hooo, over here!

hey bo, make your zombie face... perfect!

and because i am feeling nostalgic, here are pictures of november 22, 2006
(yes, that sweet bundle is a brand-spankin'-new jack)


Larissa said...

Thanks Lisa! It was a killer b-day thanks to all you did! Thanks again Jack and Ellie for the flowers

Steve and Donna said...

sorry I missed Larissa's b-day. I see the sunglasses have taken on the tradition now (hah).