Wednesday, November 17


jack can be a pretty funny kid.
here are a couple things he has said this past week that had us giggling
chris read the kids a story about the creation at bedtime. usually after we read, the kids each take a turn 'reading' the story too. when jack was toward the end of the story he said, "and god made adam and steve". i think we need to review our bible stories a little more.

while at panera for dinner last weekend, we saw two ladies walking by. as they approached us jack says loud enough for those around us to hear, "hmmm. that could be either a lady or a man".

jack was laying on the back of our couch and i asked him to get down so he wouldnt fall. he said that it felt good and i once again asked him to get down because it wouldnt feel good if he fell, to which he replied, "but mom, it helps my chicken chups!" after a few questions i learned that chicken chups are actually chicken pox... i dont know where he learned about chicken pox, but apparently hes got them.

he keeps us on our toes!


Steve and Donna said...

yah- the Adam & Steve comment would be from Key West- so be careful (hah).

Rikki Browne said...

If there's one thing I've learned... never underestimate those chicken chups! What a personality on that little man. He sounds a lot like his mom and dad, if you ask me :)

Amy said...

I'm to the point now where I try and steer clear of anyone in the store who might look a little different for some reason, because I'm afraid one of the girls might make a comment. You've got to love the honesty. Seeing Jack makes really want a little boy...although not for a while.

Larissa said...

I've got to add one: Jack was sitting down on a blanket for our picnic. As he crossed his legs "Indian Style" he said, "Rissa, this is how you eat in Spanish."