Friday, October 22

love is in the air!

once upon a time, these two met in a little snowy town in the middle of idaho.
he was a frizbee-playing phlebotomist and she was a punk rocker receptionist.

it wasn't love at first sight.
or second.
or even third.

but they became fast friends
and even best friends!

and then it happened

and before they knew it, they were engaged!
and excited about life together and all the possibilities that promised!

and today they are celebrating the 6th anniversary of their wedding day!
ok, enough with the cheese!
today marks our 6th anniversary. and we are lucky enough to have a babysitter so we can have a night on the town! ok actually, we are going out to dinner and then shopping for a mini-van. i know, its terribly romantic! ok, i cant lie. we are really excited to be looking for a van! i guess we are geeks... but happy and in love geeks!


Steve and Donna said...

guess I'll look for you in your new ride :)


Kandie and Steve said...

You guys are too cute. Happy Anniversary!! We missed you at Girls Night. Happy hunting...can't wait to see it.

Smith Family said...

You are so fun. When I grow up I want to be just like you. (and blog like you).

Julia and Sterling said...

Yea! Congratulations! Hope you're doing great!

britt said...

ahhh...memories! good old rexburg and biomedics! congrats and how fun!!

Larissa said...

Why was Chris in the feminine needs aisle? - Bo