Tuesday, October 26

what a weekend

this weekend was a doozie!
first, on friday night (our anniversary), my mom invited the older grandkids over for a small monster mash! the kids dressed up as a pirate and a princess and we made these hot dog mummies.

they made worms in dirt (with choco pudding and oreos and gummi worms). apparently the whole thing repulsed ellie and she wouldnt go near them. weirdo.
then they turned off all the lights and played with glow sticks.
and then they watched thomas the trains halloween special! when we got there, the movie was almost over, BUT i did catch a snippet of some garden gnomes. you know it must be scary if garden gnomes are involved!

and then on saturday, this pirate turned 4!!! but that will be its own post. lets just say, it was a day fit for a king! or a pirate, i mean!

and then last night we headed down south to have a fall festivity at our friends the Thompsons!
it started out with sloppy joes and all the fixins- which included pollywog punch and edible eyeballs! and then we had a full on party! and here are the pictures to prove it!

when we got there, jack was harry potter, everett an owl and ellie a princess. but within a few minutes, most of the costumes were history.

el presidente smoked my dad when bobbing for apples. it was a little pathetic. i guess all those years of practice paid off president T!

jack gave it a valiant effort. he tried and tried and honestly i cant remember if he eventually got it on his own or with some help. im betting on the latter.

ahhh, but it was worth it in the end!

larissa and i "raced" each other. i whispered to her before hand to leave her stem on so we didnt have to go all the way under, but she was a brave soul....or maybe i was just a cheater :)
thank you thompsons for such a fun night! as we drove away jack said, "i really really like the tontsons" haha. he was half asleep i think.

and here is just a little clip of the kids playing the animal game:

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Steve and Donna said...

wow- I would say you covered the Thompson event quite well and beat me to it- I'm impressed! I will post too and try some different shots (hah) Your kids are so cute! I still owe your son a game of hide and seek (he kept asking)