Monday, October 18

oOOooOoooOo gOo!

today, they were evil sceintists!

first they added the precise ingredients:

next, they stirred with exactness:

lastly, they mixed with care:

it's alive!!!
of course, after an experiment, any good scientists would measure:

and make... a watch?! :
and a tongue?! :
and a beard?! :
wait a second! im starting to think these aren't sceintists at all!
it was jack and ellie making "goo"
or slime
or gak
or playdough to the next level
or whatever you would like to call it.

and it was fun! we found the recipe at
if you live in the neighborhood and want to make some, i have a TON of borax that i will never use, so let me know! the borax was only $2.99 and the glue was $.97 a bottle. great fun for very little cost if you ask me.... and the kids!

these are just a couple pics from last week. i just love ellie with stripped legs!
and she LOVES her red trike!

it's a good thing grandpa doesnt mind visitors at 9 in the morning asking to go for a ride on the "go-cart"


Steve and Donna said...

cute idea on the goo and fun that you live so close to grandpa & grandma :)

Rikki Browne said...

What a precious pea that little ellie is on her red trike! That was a very cute and creative post, Lis. Jack is quite the ham. Mmmm, peas and ham sound good right now... good enough to hug and pinch!

Larissa said...

oooo we will have to try that gooooo