Monday, January 3

hi! i'm charlie

my name is charlie!
actually it's charles thomas, just like my great grandpa. and my dad's middle name is thomas too!
i was born on december 27th. that was last monday, just like my brother and sister, because they were both born on mondays too!
i weighed in at 9 lbs 3 oz and was just over 21 in. i'm a great eater and an even better sleeper. my mom and dad think i'm the greatest! mom likes to kiss my cheeks and dad loves to watch all of my funny faces i make when i wake up.
here are some pictures of my fan club coming to visit at the hospital:

with jack and ellie

with grandma linda

with grandpa dave

with aunt alli

with uncle jacob

with jack man

early in the morning with momma

and headed home!

our christmas post has been on hold due to a lack of sleep and energy. BUT, we will get around to it one of these days!


Smith Family said...

congratulations! What are sweet late Christmas gift.

Kate said...

Oh, he is SO sweet! Congratulations to you all!!

April said...

Congratulations!! He is so big! You are amazing, none of my babies have been anywhere near that big.

Hopefully things with baby Charlie continue to be easy. Our third baby was such a dream, he was so good and easy. In fact he still is. I was always a little clueless as to why people thought that third babies were so hard...I hope your experience is similar. :)

BTW, Lisa you look great! Love you guys!

Carrie said...


Carolina said...

I have been anxiously awaiting this post!! Love the name, you look fabulous, and little Charlie looks like he is getting a lot of love :-)

Kandie and Steve said...

He is a very handsome little guy, and of course fits right into your cute family. I'm so glad he is a good baby you guys deserve it. Just take it easy and enjoy your baby. I know you have so much help and family around, but please call if you ever need ANYTHING!! See you soon I hope.

Steve and Donna said...

when I saw your family without you I heard the news and was so excited for you- congrats! Now another little one to take pictures of :)

Melica and Aaron said...

I too have been patiently waiting for pictures. He is adorable. I hope that he continues to be a great baby. Congrats!

Julia and Sterling said...


Larissa said...

I guess Ev is the odd man out, he was born on a Thursday, but Sophie fits in, she was born on a Monday too. Congratulations guys, we sure look forward to getting to know that little man!

Katie said...

What a handsome little man. Congratulations!! I hope he continues to be a good little baby for you. And yes, you look so cute in that picture. Tell the family Hi for us!

Amy said...

Hi Charlie...I'm your favorite Aunt Amy :) Good Work Lisa! He's a cute we just need to get all of our kids together to play and cause trouble.

amyoungpriddis said...

Congrats! He is super cute. I love that outfit he is wearing in the car seat. I hope you get some sleep soon! Lincoln was 9 lbs. and he was a great sleeper...I hope your little Charlie is too! :)