Friday, January 7

the HoLiDaYs!

December 24th

we woke up early and headed to downtown ft. myers for THE BEST donuts in the whole world. maybe even universe. if you live around here, you have GOT to go to bennets. we had warm oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast and then we brought back 2 dozen donuts for the rest of the browne clan. ALL of the browne's were home for christmas this year!!!

then that night, before picking up auntie rik from the airport, the kids sprinkled reindeer food in the lawn... oats and glitter. i hope those reindeer have guts 'o steel!

December 25th

we woke up to screams of excitement, hunting for stockings, scooters for jack and ellie, watches for chris and jack and the smell of the christmas tree! nothing beats christmas morning!

then we went over to grandpa and grandma's for sticky buns, scrambled eggs, and bacon, followed by MORE PRESENTS!

alli and jacob got matching helmets... so sweet :)

not too many people get to ride bikes and scooters and go carts on christmas morn!
...or hold someone so precious!
we had alli and jacob this year and it wasnt too difficult to pick out something they would have fun with- nerf guns
jack just doin his thing! i guess not very many get to go fishing on christmas either
or walk around outside without a shirt!
jack and ellie both got scooters and a leapster 2 from grandma and grandpa brower. and ellie also got ponies from grandma linda that she has to sleep with every night. these are the biggest hit from our christmas this year!

December 26th

we made sugar cookie houses! we decided to do these instead of an actual gingerbread house because no body really likes gingerbread do they?!
mmmmm, buttercream!

and then that night my water broke while we were sleeping and little charlie was here the next morning! a VERY eventful weekend i'd say. who knew sugar cookies were the trick to starting labor?!
and now everyone is back home and we miss them all very much... very much! thats the only downside to having everyone together for the holidays. but we loved every minute of them being here!


Carrie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you were all able to be together. It's so fun when the whole family is together!

Steve and Donna said...

The crazy Browne clan..... along with the crazy Thompson bunch :)

Carolina said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome time! I also loved the Charlie pics from the other post - they are so good! This makes me miss my family even more. Holidays are the best :-)