Monday, May 9

mum's day mayhem

we had a fantastic weekend! these pictures are all mixed up and im feeling too lazy to get them in the right order. so, in a rather large nutshell, here is a snippet of our weekend:

at the beach with larissa, ev, sophie, and rikki this morning:

at the farmer's market saturday morning:
mini golfing on saturday evening:
the kids were free and since it was mother's day weekend, i was free as well. totally awesome! the totally NOT awesome part? it still cost ELEVEN BUCKS!
and because i always have food on the brain, the guys grilled pizza for us yesterday that was out of this world! chris is a grill master! love that man of mine!

my pops also was a baking genius and made scones! wowwie do i love scones. all greasy and pippin' hot and drenched in honey butter. they were tasty!

i spent some time making my very first dulce de leche and then added it into my very first attempt at making ice cream. this is what it would have looked like, had i remembered to take a pic

the ice cream was pretty yummy. not incredible, but it was still pretty good. i added some salty cashews but wished there was a little more salty-ness to it. the dulce de leche was really easy to make, but i think i cooked it a little long because the caramel flavor was almost overwhelming. to make the caramel, i just put a few cans of sweetened condensed milk in the crock pot and cooked on low for 9 hours. easy peasy.

speaking of yummy, isnt little quinn the sweetest? jack and ellie call him "quint" and have asked to see pictures of him several times. i think delayna enjoyed her mother's day quite a bit this year :)
my mumsie is visiting quinn, tony, and delayna in DC right now and we miss her so! she is truly the best example in the world of what a woman should be. i miss her smile, her jokes, her words of wisdom (without being "in your face" words of wisdom). i miss her hands that are so capable and so willing to work and help. i was remembering this weekend how much i love her hands. i used to stare at them during church when i was little and trace her veins with my finger. i used to watch them as they made rolls for us, all floury and then oily from dipping them quickly in butter before tying them in nots. i used to watch them as she would paint her murals or help me with my science projects late late late at night. as she greased and ungreased bike chains. as she held my hand going through the LDS temple for the first time, along with my wonderful mother-in-law janie (who is equally amazing). the list goes on and on. i love her hands.
mom will be gone until july. she is headed to rexburg at the end of the week to spend time with my little sister, alli, who is having her first baby in a couple weeks... i cant believe it!!!


Steve and Donna said...

what a nice tribute to your mom and very creative at the same time. You are right on all accounts!

Larissa said...

All of you kids inherited lovely silky hands. It's funny that's Bo's hands are always softer than mine! It was sweet to read about your mom's hands, we miss her too and can't wait to have her back

Kandie and Steve said...

You are so sweet, and I too love your mom...I have this odd desire to see her hands now. :) I hope she is having fun, but I know about missing moms... they just need to be home always just incase you need them. Your posts are always great!!