Tuesday, May 10


have you heard of picnik.com?
its awesome if you are computer illiterate like myself. its a great FREE website that allows you to edit/alter photos and is SUPER user friendly. ive used it several times to make easy birthday party invites, or to edit pictures without getting frustrted trying to figure out photoshop.

i just did a couple from my all time favorite set of pics that we took at the beach yesterday. applied the cross-process effect and rounded the corners and voila! a fun little collage.

charlie's been inked!
if you are scared of photoshop, but want some easy editing, check out picnik!


Katie said...

I love all your pics. That Charlie is just too cute. And I can't believe how much 'Q' looks like Tony. We sure miss you guys! Jenna got her cards today and she was so happy. Dani said: "But Ellie is MY friend!"

Carrie said...

Love it! I'm totally gonna try it out! Thanks!