Tuesday, May 22

bows for ella

last week we celebrated ELLA.
beautiful ella is my sister, alli, and her husband, jacob's, niece. a year ago she was killed by a drunk driver. her dad, devin, was severally injured. Their family had the missionaries over for dinner and on the way home from dropping the elder's off at their apartment, they were hit. we heard that all of Dacia and Devin's family and friends would be wearing pink bows in their hair and pink ties to church on mother's day to surprise Dacia, so we joined in. even though i have never met dacia, my heart has ached for her and their family many times during the past year. this was just a small way that i hope to show support in this journey she is now on.

i wanted to make pink bows for all us girls and cute bow ties for the little guys. then i just got carried away and made bow ties for all the guys. they turned out pretty sweet. thanks guys, for going along with my creative craziness.

i think they are
perfect for ella!

i took this paragraph from jacob's other sister, dani's blog and would love to help spread the word:

Ella's parents, Dacia and Devin, have recently started a foundation in Ella's memory.  The Gabriella Shumate Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to raising DUI awareness and the prevention of unnecessary deaths as well as supporting children's causes. They are hosting their first event, a 5K race, on Jun 2nd.  If you are in South Carolina please consider being part of the festivities.  If you are not in the area you can still support the foundation with a donation or purchase of a Run Ella Run T-shirt. Visit www.runellarun.com for more information. 

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