Tuesday, May 15

our mamas

we have awesome moms.

and if i let this time of year pass by without recognizing their amazing-ness, then we would be very ungrateful children.
i was asked about a year ago by our stake president during an interview if i knew how incredible my mom and dad were while i was growing up and my answer was a definite yes. 
i have always recognized how special my mom is.
and i know chris would say the same about his.

one of my favorite memories is of sitting in the idaho falls temple with my mom on one side of me and my mother in law on the other, both holding my hands. what a special day.

we love you, janie!
we love you, linda!

i think it goes without saying, that such incredible mothers 
turn into the BEST grandmas!

i'd also be very ungrateful if i didn't mention how lucky i am to be a mom.

i love jack. he is the one that gave me the title of 'mama'.

i love ellie. she is the one that has tested me as a mom.

and i love charlie. he is the one that has helped me enjoy being a mom.

i told chris on sunday that in most cases, behind every wonderful mom, is an even better husband. at least thats the case in our little family. most of the time, the only way dinner gets on the table is because chris gets it there. and the only times i really get the house tidied, is because chris is watching the kids. the list goes on and on. he definitely takes on more than his fair share of the load. i love him.

jack's preschool class had a special breakfast for the moms last friday. we ate, the kids showered us with gifts and then sang a couple songs for us. when i got to the school, jack was waiting right by the window for me, melt my heart :)

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Steve and Donna said...

you are right on all counts :)