Thursday, November 1

happy hauntings!

what a whirlwind of a month october was!
we had many celebrations, so we'll tell our story through pictures rather than words.

ward halloween party on the 26th:
wonder woman, super man, and clark kent

check out grandma linda's freaky skeleton hand that she passed out candy with!

harvest fest 2012 at 
bonita springs charter school
on the 27th:

waited in line for 1 1/2 hours for this:

while chris listened to the BYU football game on his phone and controlled, or tried to control, charlie

then waited in line again for the nerf gun maze:

ellie's preschool
fall festival on the 26th:

 charlie loved every second 
(until he couldnt have a piece of candy and had the biggest tantrum known to man, but i wont go into that)

this is how ellie prepared to enter the petting zoo:

at the brower house:

we had a fancy dinner complete with "mummy dogs" and plastic wine flutes.

our elf, skippy, has stopped by a few times through out the year, just to remind the kids that santa is always watching and taking notes. he dressed up as a ghost for halloween (although he looks a little bit more like a kkk member if you ask me). the kids were ecstatic to see him!

along with all of our fun events, the kids turned into to some pretty mean and feisty kids. after the party at jack's school, they were being rotten and in the heat of the moment, as a consequence chris decided to take away their trick or treating privileges. yesterday morning i got a text from chris saying he didnt think he could stand not taking them. he caved. so...

ready to trick or treat!

to say charlie was head over heels about running (RUNNING) from house to house to charm people into giving him multiple handfuls of candy, would be the understatement of the century. he knew what was going on and took full advantage!


Steve and Donna said...

I would say Charlie is a charmer- but all your kids are cute. Glad you are surviving parenthood :)

Kersey Campbell said...

What a post! Those kiddos are getting so big. That little Charlie is a doll baby!

Carolina said...

I love when a new Brower hour post shows up in my reader feed and today I got three! You guys have been up to a lot, d you had a busy Halloween season!

Amy said...

love the costumes. I think we might need to join you guys for Halloween sometime so my kids know what it's like to trick or treat with out layers of clothes on to keep warm.

Desmond Lomax said...

Charlie's definitely a Brower. Still can't get my kids out there for more than an hour (party poopers)! I run them into the ground making them go until they are almost crying. Love the costumes and I love reading your blog.