Thursday, November 1

soccer is over

we had a great fall soccer season.
jack is getting pretty dang good. he has even begun trying to pass the ball to his teammates, which have no clue whats going on, and he has figured out the importance of having a goalie. ellie wasnt afraid to get in there either, but i dont know how long she will want to keep playing. before each game she would say, "im TIRED of soccer. i dont WANNA play soccer", but she'd get out there and play once we were there.

jack and his best bud, Ava.

yes, they are holding hands.
and yes, chris is going to talk to him about it :)
they hold hands everywhere they go.

poor charlie.
he spent every tuesday night strapped in his stroller growling and grunting, trying to escape.
luckily chris made it for the last game (making 2 out of 8) and was able to help entertain the little beast.

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Kandie said...

Wow!! I guess it's been a while since i've looked at anyones blog. Your's is a special favorite of mine, and i always look forward to your are such a fun gal and you and your family make me smile!! Thanks for the laughs. (i mean that in a good way)

By the way the other day I was craving one of your carameled apples particularly the apple pie one. MMMM....yummm. let's chat soon.