Saturday, May 25

marvelous may

where in the world has may gone?!

for mother's day weekend i was able to getaway with a few of coolest amigas ever. we went up to orlando for a quick overnighter and went to the temple for our stake's annual Sisters in White event that mom is in charge of. after a morning at the temple, we put together a lunch for all the sisters in the stake and then had a special fireside with the temple president and his wife. its pretty amazing.

besides this wonderful overnight trip, and besides a new kitchen, and besides a breakfast at preschool with my favorite 5 year old daughter, and besides a fly swatter from chris.... all i wanted for mothers day was a special mommy/kid date with each of the kiddos. btw, i do realize that sentence i just typed makes me sound very selfish. maybe i am? anyways, more on those dates to come!

speaking of the kitchen...
we are almost done! all we have left is some trim around the doors and baseboards. unfortunately, i dont have a more recent picture on the computer than this one, which was taken before the grout and walls were painted, and it was taken at night, but its still beautiful! i am loving it. that sink has fulfilled my wildest sink dreams. and nothing beats having the silent drawers and cabinet doors. nothing. except maybe that sink :)

may brought the end of our school year.
grandma and i were able to attend a special "end of the school year presentation" for jack's kindergarten class, where he was awarded the citizenship award. very proud of our young man! his teacher has sung praises about jackie all year and ive been so impressed with how much he has grown intellectually this year.

i volunteered for the preschool's field day celebration and got to hang out with ellie and cousin everett.

they officially "graduate" next week.

may is also the month that we celebrate baby lou around these parts.
oh baby lou, you are so cute. 
and also, you are two now- wow!

bo and lari let us all hang out in their awesome backyard, filled with kiddie pools, a slip and slide, and water balloons to celebrate!

larissa even made these adorable desserts for the kids and an italian cream cake for the adults. so scrumptious.

may has also brought some sweltering heat, so we've spent a few evenings running around with the hose. 
and charlie in a tank top... match made in heaven.

is there anything cuter than grandpas and grand babies?! 
no, no there is not.
we love baby "assie", as charlie says (probably a billion times a day. seriously.)
im pretty sure he and ashton are going to be the best of buds through out life.

and last, but not least,
may has taken chris on an adventure to ohio to visit mom and dad.
there were tears shed in the car after dropping him off at the airport at 5:30 this morning, and not just from the kids. we love our dad and do not like when he is away. he really keeps things together around here.
BUT, we are not sad that he gets to see his folks and play a round or two (or four) of golf before they move back to idaho. we dont get to see them often and even though chris never complains about it, im sure its hard. so, have fun daddy, live it up, and give grandma lots and lots and lots of hugs!

here are a couple pics he texted today...

an office building shaped like a picnic basket
and the police car that stopped grandpa for speeding.
luckily, he got off with a warning

looks like they are living on the edge :)


melissa said...

looks like you had a fun month! congratulations to Jack, he is such a cute kid. your kitchen looks so good!

Steve and Donna said...

glad the Brower family is still kickin and having fun to boot!

Carolina said...

Your kitchen is looking so great! I love the subway tiles. Oh, and that giant basket building may be the most hilarious piece of architecture I've ever seen. Wow.