Tuesday, May 7

best buds, earrings, and a sink

best buds
ava and jack,
at their last soccer game of the season

best buds
louie and charlie,
who have a special love/hate relationship right now,
like most two year olds who enjoy stealing toys from one another

she sure is a brave girl

 a sink

gosh, does that sink make me happy!
the counters are scheduled to be installed next monday.
yay for pretty sinks! yay for counter tops! 
yay for a faucet with running water!
and yay for a talented OCD husband that has made sure everything is exactly spot-on!


Steve and Donna said...

Yah all around :)

Phipps Family said...

Loved getting to check our blog! You are such a great mom, with such a cute family. I already knew that before, but seeing the pictures was fun. I can't wait to see the finish product of your kitchen!

Bloom Family said...

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen! How exciting!