Monday, April 29

during the kitchen overhaul...

i took the kids to grandma and grandpa's pool on saturday to give chris some space to work on the kitchen. while we were there, uncle bo came back from a trip out on the boat and had some baits left over. good thing he is "the best uncle in the world" as jack lovingly referred to him while he got a rod ready for jack, because he helped jack land a couple fish. (interestingly, i heard jack call uncle jacob the same thing when he let him buy a new game for the ipad.... weird.)

jack caught his first jackfish!

 and a 28 inch snook that was so heavy, 
he needed some assistance holding it for the picture

ellie made friends with a dead baitfish

and was pretty distraught when i made her toss it back.

today to entertain the kids (ok, maybe more myself) 
i was being silly and tried to wear ellie's cowgirl boots, and it ended up making my legs look freaky long with teeny feet.

i laughed till i cried because it reminded me of the best snl skit in the history of snl. 
ok, one of the best.

and just because charlie is such a ham, here is a video i took of him in the car recently

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Kandie said...

I love that you are so tan... I miss being tan!! I also love Ellies kissy, fisshy face....that girl is so beautiful!! Well I think I am ready for another FL trip.