Wednesday, April 17


our computer took a trip to the apple store for a week, we had guests for a week, and i was not feeling like blogging for a week, so all those weeks added up to a month long hiatus from the blog.
but we're back!

we had a fantastic easter!!!

minus charlie's throwing up at the ward easter breakfast. 
throwing up in public = no bueno.
 sunday we decided that he better stay home from church, which meant he missed out on wearing his sweet new shirt to church, but jack and ellie loved their special new Easter duds.
jack picked out his tie... it has pink marlins on it :)

jack had a school concert last month which was... as entertaining as watching a bunch of kids fight for the front row can be i guess! jack made it to the front and the whole program he searched for us and looked like this:

in other news,
we are updating our kitchen!
i've been waiting 5 years for this and it feels so so so good to make it happen.
we've ordered new cabinets, which are on their way, picked out our new granite counter, and have a shiny new sink just waiting (in our bedroom) to be installed. its the size of a small tub. i love that sink.
i have a feeling it will be my pride and joy.
we are excited

it's been a lot harder than i thought it would be to make decisions. i always thought i knew what i liked and what i wanted, but when it came down to it (not to mention trying to combine two different peoples tastes) it hasnt been easy! but we are almost done with all the little decisions and excited to get busy installing it all and see it come together.

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Larissa said...

Can't wait to see the new kitchen and take a bath in your sink! I mean wash my hands in your sink :)