Monday, April 22

gruesome twosome

these two were able to participate in the YMCA's
Gruesome Twosome Challenge 2013
last saturday and we all had a blast!

the challenge:
an obstacle course
for 5-12 yr olds.

some of the obstacles were: 
running through a bus
carrying sandbags
military crawl
wall climb
slip and slide
and a MUD PIT!

but i think the kids would agree that the most challenging obstacle of all was just the running. it was a fairly long course. we are guessing at least 1 1/2 miles.

jack came in the top 20 and ellie came in the top 10. 
yes, top 10. 
she got to one point in the course and without realizing it, completely skipped that last loop of the run because no one was there to tell her where to go. and without ropes blocking it off, she just took a wrong turn. oh well!

afterwards the fireman hosed them off.

i was so proud of these two. 
i even got a little teary watching them run their little hearts out. 
ellie only walked twice and after a few seconds started running again.

and what did charlie do during all the fun?
enjoyed the free hot dogs, cold water, and fire trucks.
oh, and tried repeatedly to get into the mud pit :)

all in all it was a success. both kiddos have already talked about doing it again next year. i think the only thing we will change is that chris and i will be signing up for the adult run :)


melissa said...

Oh man, that's awesome! beau has been trying to talk me into running mudzilla with him. I think I would be bad at it haha

Carolina said...

That is so cool!! Where did you hear about that? I definitely want in next year, so please pass on any info you have. I can't believe they ran so far. Those are some super studly kids!!

carrie said...

That looks like so much fun!! I'm glad they had a blast, and way to go Jack and Ellie!