Wednesday, April 17

buckeyes in the sunshine state (part dos)

chris and tyler spent a morning at the golf course, played basketball at the church and went out to dinner before the priesthood session of conference, so after all that manly time, amy and i went and got pedicures one evening! wahoo! the moms also took the little ones to the park and had a fun adventure "opening" the disney store.

it wasn't all fun and games...
sometimes it was fun and movies too!

we spent saturday at the beach.

it was a tad chilly for us florida folk, but that didnt stop us from having a grand time!
i've never been to the beach with so many kids and not have any grumpy or unhappy little people. it was awesome.

on tuesday morning we picked up a (couple) dozen donuts and took them to riverside park.

oh these two!
charlie and madeline teased each other relentlessly
and it was very entertaining for the rest of us... most of the time.
i guess thats understandable when two two-year-olds are squished together in close quarters.

the boys found this little gator right outside the park while geocaching. 
pretty sure it lives in the canal. 
thats a comforting thought.

 before making the long journey home, chris took part of the group out for a boat ride and luckily a dolphin was out and came right next to the boat. couldnt have planned it any better!

we love you seaver family!
thanks for one of the best vacations ever


Steve and Donna said...

glad to see you back on.... but I can see you have been busy!

Amy said...

We had a blast! And we miss you guys already. After prayer now my kids throw there hands up in the air and yell amen. Man that little charlie is cute!