Monday, April 29

it has begun

our kitchen remodel has started!
chris and i pulled out the upper cabinets on friday night for our date-night-in (so romantic!)...

then chris cut away all the old tile on saturday...

luckily he was given the day off today because he got called in to work yesterday, so today he had some help from my dad patching up the new drywall.

unfortunately this is going to be a slow going remodel since we are doing all the work. which means that pretty much the only day to work on it is saturdays. BUT these guys are making great progress and hopefully, fingers crossed, the new cabinets will finally move from the guest room, where they are currently living, into the kitchen this saturday!

when the cabinets arrived ellie screamed, "this is so much more exciting than disneyworld!!!"
not that she would know, since she's never been, but i definitely agree.

this is what the kitchen looks like currently. luckily everything functions so i still have full use of the kitchen.

once the cabinets and sink are in place, they will measure for the counters.
it has been fun/interesting to go to the various granite businesses to see all that beautiful stone.

after going back and forth between quartz and granite, we ended up selecting a slab of Super White Quartzite. its the closest thing we could find to marble, without being marble. it's going to be beautiful.
it's interesting that they call it "Super White" because its not white at all. The majority of it is gray.


melissa said...

how exciting! beau remodeled most of our house in Utah including the kitchen. it was a lot of work and took a long time, but it was so cool when it was done! not just to have a new house, but to admire his handy work! good luck! I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Steve and Donna said...

new kitchens are fun- once it's over(been there) :)

Jenni Taysom said...

i think you were inspired by my kitchen. White shaker cabinets with quartz/marble like counters -- you sure do have great taste. I'm excited for it to be done for your sake, living in the middle of a remodel is challenging, plus you will love your kitchen so much you'll just want to spend all day in there.