Wednesday, December 4

november happenings

we headed up to Fayetteville for a saturday over veterans day weekend. 
we went to the Arkansas air and military museum. it was a blast and very informative. a good activity to do with the kids to help them (and us) recognize the importance of those that have and those that continue to protect our country.

an extremely creepy guy at the museum

we live very close to an air national guard base and get to see the awesome jets doing their training on a regular basis. its pretty incredible! especially with two boys around :)

while in fayetteville we tried out a local bbq joint and the kids had real banana pudding for the first time. they loved it, and ellie has requested it for her birthday... looks like i better meet some southern cooks!

november was cold!
cold for us floridians anyways.
when the kids saw frost on the grass for the first time they thought it had snowed. 

we've been spending lots of time with the smiths.
our kids get along so well! 
all six of them will play together for hours without any fighting. its awesome! ok, charlie and brynn had their moments in the beginning, but they get along great for the most part.

brynn came over for a morning and charlie wanted to paint. so paint we did. they painted for over an hour!

of course charlie couldn't keep the paint on his paper. he realized his hands (and his arms and face) made a pretty great canvas too.

we had a wonderful thanksgiving with the smith's and another family from our ward. feeling so lucky to have instant friends to help us along on our new adventure. the kids spent the whole day outside jumping on the trampoline and driving the kids jeeps and motorbikes. if we can't spend the holidays with our families, this is how we want to spend them!


Larissa said...

WE love air museums too! You can tell Char that baby Ash got a haircut too, his magical tail is gone.
Glad you got to stuff your faces with great friends!

Carolina said...

Looks like ou guys are having a blast! Stay warm, and keep posting!!