Sunday, December 8

snow snow snow

friday morning we woke up to snow!!!

I'm sure our neighbors hated me, but i let the anxious kids out to play at 7:15 am.

jenna, dani, and brynn came over friday afternoon for some fun.

when the smiths tried to get out of our driveway, they couldn't!
it took some shoveling and some kitty litter to do the trick.

daddy had an epic snowball fight with jack and ellie on saturday afternoon.

we have big, beautiful icicles all around the roof.

church was canceled today "just to be cautious". chris thinks they are a bunch of wussies here in arkansas compared to idahoans. but i'll take the break :) we had a nice little devotional around our fire. we talked about faith and how we know that jesus christ truly lives and is our savior. i know the spirit was felt.

apparently this was quite a storm and we most likely won't see this much snow again this year. we might get one or two more snowfalls, but not this much. we have at least 5 inches in our backyard. thats a ton for these parts.


Larissa said...

I'll agree with Chris on that one, what a bunch of wimps! But it looks like a lot of fun, what a great backyard!

Carolina said...

It's a little strange to see you all in snow! Looks like a blast though!!

Phipps Family said...

Love seeing all these pictures, and your happy faces! Looks like things are going great-minus the flu part. Miss your family!

Kandie said...

Holy Smokes I miss your faces.... I agree with Caro it is strange to see you in snow instead of sand. I still can't believe you are just 5 hrs from us now....when are we going to hang?? Miss you guys and I'm totally jealous about the snow. :) Glad you had fun.

Rikki Browne said...

Love the pics!