Friday, June 27

memorial day, a baseball game, and nerds

we were so happy that chris had memorial day off so we could spend the day together as a family doing special things.

we started the day off with a trip to the US national cemetery.
it was very humbling.

jack and ellie seemed to be very touched by all of the Unknown Soldiers that are buried there. jack has a special spot in his heart for the military and even hopes to be able to serve when he is older, so he was especially saddened that these soldiers were "lost" to their families.

they tried to find headstones with either their name or their birthdate.

and charlie was a scamp, stealing flags and playing hide and seek.

we saw several men in uniform visiting graves. it was so heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time.

afterwards we went for a little hike and then headed home for smores. it was a wonderful memorial day.

 the end of may brought the end of the school year, which was officially over on june 4th. right before school was out, the first graders took a field trip up north to watch a Naturals baseball game. chris was able to chaperone, which jack thought was AWESOME.

chris raced an old man for a foul ball. in the end, because chris didn't want to bulldoze him, the old timer got to it first, but gave the ball to jack. he thought it was pretty cool and was able to get the mascots signatures. 

the kids were sad to leave their great teachers, but are so happy its summer! they both one awards on the last day:
jack got something called that Patriot Award for straight a's and good behavior and ellie won the Nerd Award for academic excellence.

and if charlie could win an award, 
it would be the Cutest Buns Award.