Friday, June 27

Rikki, oh Rikki

i know lots of people think they have the best sister in the world and the truth is, they just don't. that's because i do. she is the best sister in the world and that is a fact.

sweet rik came out to visit us while chris was in utah and MAN, was it so good to see her!!!

we rode trains, went to see the gallows and other historic sites, were serenaded by jack, went out to eat, and stayed up late enjoying each others company. the kids miss her every single day and charlie keeps asking me if rik can be in arkansas again soon. sometimes its tough being away from our families. and sometimes i wonder why we made the move. i know it will be worth it to have our student loans paid off and we are meeting lots of fantastic people, but sometimes you just need to be around your family, you know? 
 thanks for making the trip rik. you are so loved.

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Rikki Browne said...

It was a week that felt like a day. I'm thinking it came and went so fast, I'm just gonna have to come back out again... like in Nov or Dec??? I missed you guys the moment you dropped me off at the airport!