Monday, July 7

birthday weekend

this special man had a birthday on the 29th.

oh daddy,
how we love you!

we didn't do anything too crazy in celebration of his special day... unless you count receiving a blender as crazy, than it was a wild one! i did make him some homemade double chocolate peanut butter oreo ice cream that was quite tasty that we served with a couple confetti cannons. we'll use any excuse to shoot some confetti around here :)
he bought a mountain bike and some new sunglasses for his birthday a little while ago, which he has been enjoying immensely. and so has jack. they've been riding a ton. they even entered the True Grit race on the 21st. they rode 11.64 miles of mountain bike trails!! so proud of our boys.

about 20 minutes in, jack fell in a little river and was soaked through. what a trooper.

 the friday before chris's special day, we went to the drive-in theater in Poteau, OK. we saw How to Train your Dragon 2 with the smith gang and stuffed our face with a ton of candy. the weather could not have been any more perfect. it was a blast!

 daddy-o also taught this kid how to mow the lawn, which was trickier than jack thought it would be!

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Larissa said...

Oh man, a drive in movie! Awesome!! Jack can mow for us;)