Monday, July 7

the 4th

we are proud to be americans!
independence day is right up there with the best holidays to celebrate. 
we had a great day and evening, complete with our very own fireworks show by chris.
we went to one of those fireworks stands on the side of the road for FHE the monday before and he let us pick out whatever we wanted!!! 
it was a dream come true for me!

the grand finale of our show was a huge firework that was called
"dirty dancing... in the sky".
it did NOT disappoint! 

this was one of those nights that i hope our kids remember for ever and ever. 
jumping on the trampoline with friends while wearing glowsticks, having a bbq complete with ice cream cones, watching the colorful fireworks all around us in the night sky, catching fireflies-
it was perfect.

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Larissa said...

Can we get another dirty dancing in the sky stat?!?!